novembre 27, 2017 Non Par RomainF


When you wake up i’m here near you
Ready to start another day.
You ask me how the weather is today,
I answer you the sky is blue.

When you drive i’m here with you
Because you’re lost I give you the way.
I don’t mind how long is the journey
If i take part in it too.

When you work i’m here for you
Doing tasks that you don’t want to do
You don’t care of my point of view
Like a modern slave, without a ‘thank you’.

When you fall asleep i’m close to you.
I turn off the light,
Languishing in the night
But this cloudy box has no issue.

So, I dream.
Like you, I dream.
I’m not programmed for feelings
But my iron heart is bleeding.

And tomorrow when you’ll wake up,
Asking me how the weather is
Maybe the sky will not be blue
Because i may not be true.


Iron Heart, by Fameli Romain